“We are first and last an ideas-based, Design and Build company that can take you from the drawing board to a beautiful finished garden”

Design and Build

We are a design and build company that can take you from the drawing board to a beautiful finished garden. The interplay between design, construction and planting is what makes any garden truly successful – and because we specialise in Design and Build, it cuts out a lengthy consultancy phase between designer and independent contractor. Our dedicated team will directly implement our designs, exactly as approved by the client.

“Roger and Andy are both involved from the earliest stages, working together discussing ideas and constantly liaising with the client”

Horticultural Consultancy

We can help with any gardening problem, from re-planning border schemes to advising on transplanting. Clients often request our help with a particular border, using that as a ‘taster’ of our service and then afterwards asking us to handle a larger project. We’re also happy to devise a planting plan for clients who wish to tackle the creation of the garden themselves! And we regularly liaise with architects to unify a ‘home and garden’ makeover or create gardens for new build projects.

“Sympathy is the watchword: hard landscaping materials
must match the house”

Hard Landscaping

As much as possible, we endeavour to use traditional materials to complement the age of the property. Sympathy is the watchword: hard landscaping materials must match the house. Among the services we provide are:
• Terrace, path and driveway construction
• Automatic watering and land drainage
• Fencing, decking and trellis work
• Bespoke garden ornaments
• Ponds and water features
• Planting and turfing
• Garden lighting

“The Garden Tutorials are ideal if you’re a novice gardener or have a particular issue you want to tackle in your garden”

Garden Tutorials

Mike Bayon Garden Design offers half-day Garden Tutorials. They are ideal if you’re a novice gardener or have a particular issue you want to tackle in your plot – or just want to perfect your pruning technique. As Andy Gardiner says: “The tutorials are wonderful to do because it’s great fun – and I love teaching people about gardening. I have a firm belief that much of it is common sense and once you’re taught the basics, such as understanding why pruning happens, you’re away.” Tutorials run for a morning or afternoon – just contact us for more details.

“We’re used to working to budgets of all sizes and can often come up with less expensive solutions to achieve the look you want”

Any questions?

We can either offer free estimates for landscaping work or advise on the cost of preparing a design. If design fees are involved, these will be agreed with Andy Gardiner or Roger Lang at this meeting. This is our first chance to get a feel for the garden you want; so, the consultation might be quite lengthy as we’ll be asking lots of questions – not just about the plants you like, but also about your lifestyle, family and how you want to use the garden. And, of course, budget!
All work is carried out by our own team of landscapers. This means we have full managerial control at all times and the client has an immediate point of contact to raise any questions that may arise during construction. Residential work is our speciality; so, not only the partners, Andy and Roger, but also the members of our workforce are accustomed to liaising with clients during the work. This ensures that your finished garden will fulfil the initial brief exactly and you can be kept informed at every stage. And we’re always happy to return at a later date and advise on any queries you may have following completion or as your garden matures.
Mike Bayon always used to say: “as long as you don’t take to them with five iron after a few G&Ts, then yes!” With our planting expertise we’ll be placing your plants in the right conditions for them to thrive – and our nursery suppliers are some of the best in the country for quality and selection. In cases of ‘Sod’s Law’ where a plant fails, we will replace it free of charge.
Yes – and it’s a good thing to do. One border makeover can freshen up your whole garden and give you ideas about what to do with the rest; it also gives you the opportunity to see what we can offer and decide if you would like us to take on more!
No, we use our own men. We believe that is the best way to guarantee a first-class job. We have a stable, directly employed workforce; a mixture of British and Antipodean, most of whom have been with the company for many years. If a project requires specialised skills, such as extensive brickwork or external electrical installation, we bring in experts who we know and trust.